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Welcome to Thangavel Date Plantation

Here you will find the practical way to grow Tissue Cultured Date Palm Plants

Out Motto.

"Helping people to help themselves"

Our Dream for Vidarbha

"We dream of a Vidarbha which grows Dates throughout its area. All the farmers live with lots of self respect and financial help. Agriculture becomes a respectable occupation. We see a situation where Dates are exported and farmers enjoy higher income than any other job. This is our dream for Vdarbha and we sincerely believe, this becomes a reality in the near future."

Establishment Year 2009

Date farming has been started in Nagpur region for the first time by Mr. Savi Thangavel, a traditional and practical farmer. By education he has got a few Master degrees on to his credit. The area of his master’s work was on social work, sociology, hospital management and administration including bachelor’s degree on law. He started his profession as community health manager and finally as administrator of Mure Memorial Hospital. He then moved on to the Directorship of development work in Vidarbha by the Church of North India with the Diocese of Nagpur. But his passion was always agriculture. He was born and brought up in an agriculture background. During his entire life he worked with the rural poor people to help them to help themselves. 

After his retirement he and his family decided to go to a rural village and live with the people and show them practically what is possible with the land. At a time when everyone ran away from the land he wanted to take up this as a challenge. His family was very supportive in his mission. 
His son Swaran, a four wheeler mechanic also joined his father to experiment with various methods and croups in their farm land. The latest experiment was with Strawberries which turned out to be a huge success. 

It started with the moto of ‘seeing is believing’, so to help people to see for themselves. 

There is no dearth for advice where ever you live. Be it in the office, religious places, shops, on the streets or at home every one want to give advice but if you ask back whether the person giving advice practiced their own advice you don’t get an answer. In our farm we do not give advice but practice for ourselves with everyone to see. Certainly it is not always a success story there are many drawbacks but it is through them we learn. 

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