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Swaran's Glastonbury visit

Mr Thangavel's son Swaran Thangavel, who is very keen to promote the Date Palm cultivation in the region visited the laboratory which produces the plants. It is situated in England, in the historical city of Glastonbury. 

He visited the laboratory along with his wife and daughter. During his visit the staff at the laboratory showed him the production center, hardening unit and the whole process up to the export. In England they can not grow Dates but they produce the tissue culture Date plants and export all around the world. 

For Swaran it was an unique opportunity and experience to see and have meetings with the staff. The staff were also amazed to see a farmer who is growing their plants. They appreciated his visit and gave lot of useful information on Date Palm cultivation. 

Thanks to Mr Paul Winter our good friend who made it possible. He took the appointment from the laboratory and provide accommodation in his house for Swaran's family. A very big Thank you to Mr Paul Winter from Thangavel's.

Mr. Swaran Thangavel visited the Date Palm Development laboratory in Glastonbury UK in July 2015.
He had a tour of the laboratory and discussed the possibility of export and import with the officials there. He saw the various plantation that had been undertaken in other countries.

D.P.D. Ltd. (Date Palm Developments) is the market leader for production of Date Palm plants by Tissue Culture. Pioneers in the field, D.P.D. Ltd. has over 30 years of experience in the production of high quality, disease-free, true-to-type micro-propagated Date Palm plants. DPD produce Date Palms of the highest quality available on the market today and have successfully supplied these plants to over 25 countries all.

Mr. Swaran looking at the tissue cultured palm sapling

Mr. Swaran along with Mr. Paul Winter at DPD

Mr. Swaran discussing the possibilities of import & export of date plants

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