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Our Experiment with Strawberry

Our experiment with Strawberries

Training centre for rural farmers

Hands on training facilities are available in our informal training centre. We offer various training to farmers who are interested to work on the field and not to sit inside the class room. It is 80% practical and 20% theory. We got visiting expert faculty on various fields. Our centre/farm is used by the government as well as private agencies for practical field work for their trainees. 

Experimental farm 
For the benefit of farmers a small part of land is exclusively kept and used for experiment with scientific approach and supervision. 

Our Motto

“Helping people to help themselves”


Winter is here and so is the Strawberry! Yes our first strawberry fruits started showing up. This time we are experimenting with two varieties namely Winter Dawn and Elyana. Winter Dawn is a sun friendly variety and Elyana is a shed net (shade) variety. We are growing it fully Organic. 

On many friends request we planted strawberry in small packets, you can take the plants easily and enjoy the fruit in your home throughout the season. Only limited plants are available. 

After our last year experiment some of our friends have ventured in to the Strawberry cultivation. We apriciate their interest and courage. We are sure that they will get a good crop and in the coming years more people would go for it. 
We at Thangavel Date Plantation believe that Nagpur CAN DO WONDERS!! 




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