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Our services

To help people to use their land in an economically viable way and provide them with suitable planting material.

Available Plans 

We offer three types of services for the convenience of our customers

  • Plan A
    Customer can buy the plants from our Nursery and plant on his/her land.

  • Plan B
    Under this plan we visit the plantation area, help them in testing the soil, selecting the suitable land for plantation, marking the place for the plants, help in mixing the manure and the pits and supervise the plantation process. 

  • Plan C
    Under the Plan C we take full responsibility of the plantation. From preparation of the land, digging of pits, getting vermicompost and neem powder, filling and planting the tissue cultured date plants. The customer is required to provide cow dung manure and arrange irrigation for the plants. If the land is black cotton soil then murum is required to fill the pits which the customer will provide. We supervise the plants for one year.  

Why Tissue culture Date Palm Plants?

They are true-to-type to its mother plant.
They are produced from ex-plants having best quality & highest yield.
They are available for plantation round the year.
They are free from diseases and pests.
Male and female plantlets are guaranteed.
High plant survivability in field compared to Seedlings and offshoots.

Free consultation and visit to the Date farm is available

We offer free consultation to people who want to know more about date plantation. We also offer them a free tour of our date farm.

Economic returns after 4th year of plantation from one Acre (@ an average of Rs. 100 per kg from 60 plants)

  • 4th Year 30 kg per plant @ Rs. 100 kg for 60 plants = Rs. 1,80,000/-

  • 5th Year 50 kg per plant @ Rs. 100 kg for 60 plants = Rs. 3,00,000/-

  • 6th Year 75 kg per plant @ Rs. 100 kg for 60 plants = Rs. 4,00,000/-

  • 7th Year 125 kg per plant @ Rs. 100 kg for 60 plants = Rs. 7,50,000/-

  • 8th Year 175 kg per plant @ Rs. 100 kg for 60 plants = Rs. 10,50,000/-

  • 9th Year onwards 100 and more years 200 kg to 250 kg +


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