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Our experience and our stories

We always welcome visitors to our farm. I am happy to say that we received hundreds of visitors from rural and urban areas. It is one of our aim to provide practical example where people can see for themselves. We have nothing big but all very small things that helps make the rural farming a viable alternative to the traditional farm. 

Many a time, people ask from where I got the idea of Date Plantation in Vidharba? One should always be a dreamer, look for new things and have the courage to experiment. People want quick results with out much efforts. When we say that it requires hard work and lot of effort constantly they pretend that they have not heard. 

Marketing of Dates

Many people have asked us about the Date fruit marketing. 

I personally think that there should be no problem with the marketing of date fruit. Presently almost all people do not know about this fruit. What they know is the normal dried Kajur which is available in the market. We have to create awareness among the people about fresh Date fruit. What I did was I went to the busy roadside and distributed the fruit to people. Many said that it is Ber, many appreciated, some laughed at me, some looked with suspicion but I did my job. 

Every one wants an easy way out, no one is willing to take any risk. 

When I hear all this, a famous sales man story comes to my mind. A famous shoe making company wanted to expand their business so they send their salesman to Africa to find out the possibilities. The man went and promptly sends back a reply saying that in Africa no one wears shoe hence there is no possibility to establish the business. The company calls him back. Another salesman wants to make a try. The company with reluctance accepts his proposal and sends him. After a weeks time the salesman sends a request asking for a ship load of shoes to be sent saying that in Africa every one needs shoe as no one in Africa wears shoes. 

It is your outlook how you see the situation. Are you a optimist or a pessimist? Certainly I see a very bright future for the dates.

I look for those few people who want to take up the challenge and face life. I know that from the hundreds only few people would come forward. That is the history and it is seen very few make the history. 

The street vendors

We tried to put up our mobile shop on the road side. It was not an easy job. As we look from out side it looks so quite and every thing is so smooth but inside it is horrible and almost full of terror. Certainly outsiders will not be able to survive with the system. 

When we finished putting up the shop, a speeding car stopped and reversed to us. Few well built young men came out. One said, hey this is new fruit and picked a few and started to eat. Other men asked a box and they all started eating. We were happy that people liked the fruit. When our boy asked for money the trouble started. They started laughing and said you don't know who we are? If you utter a word we will smash your shop. We are the owners of this place and you have to pay tax to us. We were shocked and surprised. Nearby shop keepers laughed at us and told that they are the local Dadas and they rule the area so we can do nothing.

Another place, a man came and claimed that the place belonged to him and we should not put up our shop. We did not know what to do and finally left the place without selling any fruit. They got a very good network if only this could be used for good then it can do wonders. 

The system does not allow you to survive!

Farmers are looked down by the society at large. Urban people who come with big car ask for discounts and say that it should be cheap because it is rural.

When we take our products to the market everyone has to go through the middle man. And it is the middlemen who makes the money in front of your own eyes. You sit there like a fool with so much helplessness. 

The middlemen looks at the market and most of the time buys all your product at a cheaper rate then sells it at a higher price in front of your own eyes. Sometimes it is so unbelievable as he sells it at double the prices and makes the money with in few hours where as you struggle for months to produce the goods. 

For Farmers everything is uncertain. He has no tomorrow, He doesn't know what will happen. He is fully depends on others. 

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