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Introduction of Honey Boxes in our Date Farm

On our experiment with the dates we introduced honey boxes in our date farm. We placed ten honey boxes in-between our date trees as the date flowers need pollination. Male and female trees are different as well as the flowers. Only the female trees fruit but needs the polyline from the male flowers. In our farm we got 110 female tree and only 10 male tree. This is not enough to pollinate all the female tree by the bees. When we consulted the experts we came to know that we have to manually pollinate the trees and the bees can only pollinate about 30 to 40% . Our experiment with the bees totally failed with the date farm. 

Interestingly we noticed that all other croups benefited. Our nigh-borers were happy as they got more croup then the previous year as our bees made all the differences. So we decided to keep the bees in our other farm. When we planted the Strawberries the honey bees are of immense help. We could visually see the bees almost in every flower.

Presently we got about fifty honey boxes and are happy to say that our crop improved very much. We also get income from the sale of honey. 

Honey is also known as liquid gold. We have more than 50 honey boxes in and around our farm. We have plans to expand in the coming future. There are many benefits of honey, we are listing out a few.

- Alleviates allergies
- All natural energy drink
- Boosts memory
- Cough suppressant
- Sleep aid
- Treats dandruff
- Treats wounds and burns
- Provides nutrients
- Potentially low white blood cell count
- May relieves allergies
- Kills antibiotic resistant bacteria
- May help metabolize alcohol
- Makes great workout fuel


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