1. Can Date grow in our region (Vidarbha)? 
Yes, certain varieties of Dates can grow in Vidarbha region and it is successfully demonstrated. 

2. Does Date plant needs water?
Yes it does require water. During the first year 20-25 liters, 2nd year 40-50 liters, 3rd year 80-100 liters, 4th year 100-120 liters , 5th year 150-180 liters, 6th year onwards 180-200 liters. This is for sandy soil. 

3. How many plants are required for one acre?
For one acre of land 64 plants can be planted keeping a distance of 8 mtr. (25 feet) between plant to plant. 

4. Can we grow the plants from seeds? 
Yes one can grow it from seeds but it is very risky business as one does not know whether it is male or female plant. One has to wait till it comes to flower which takes 6 to 7 year. There are many unsuccessful story’s reported from south India with this method. 

5. How to prepare the land for plantation?
Please see the preparation of the land in our website. 

6. What kind of diseases affects the Date plants?
Normally the Date plants are disease free and are a maintenance free plant. No chemical treatment is required. 

7. How does the pollination take place?
It requires manual pollination as it is a commercial crop. Male pollen is collected separately and pollination is done manually. 

8. Does the government give subsidy for the date plantation?
No, the government does not give subsidy as it is not included in the government Horticulture list. Efforts are being made to include it in the list. 

9. Have people started planting dates?
Yes, we have successfully completed 11 plantations in different places. Many more people are on the verge of planting but, are on waiting list, as plants are in

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