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Mr. Ritesh Deshmukh Sir the very famous Bollywood Hindi movie star along with Dr. Umesh Mundlye visited Thangavel Date Plantation on 15.7.16. 

Mr. Kutchi Thangavel took them around the farm and showed the various cash flow options for farmers. Mr. Ritesh Deshmukh Sir is exploring various possibilities to develop his own farm with Date crop being one of the option. Mr. Ritesh Deshmukh Sir and Dr. Umesh Mundlye visited the strawberry patch and had lemon tea with us.

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On 3rd July 2016 Padmashree Subhash Palekar Guruji along with High Commissioner of Mauritius Jagdishwar Goburdhun Sir and Hemant Singh Chauhanji visited Thangavel Date Plantation.  It was a joy to take them around and show them our farm.  Some photos of this memorable occasion.
The High commissioner of Mauritius Jagdishwar Goburdhun Sir along with a 15 member delegation from Mauritius visited the Thangavel Date Plantation on 6thJuly 2016.  We are honoured and humbled as this was the second visit of High Commissioner of Mauritius to our Farm.
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pune1.jpg (100662 bytes) A ray of hope on subsidy for Date plants came in the form of two joint directors Mr. Gholap and Mr.  Bansode from Pune agriculture office when they visited Thangavel Date Plantation on 8th July 2016.  A ray of hope for subsidy as the officers are considering to give subsidy to the Vidarbha farmers for Date farming.  If this happens then it will be a big step forward in our effort to help the Vidarbha farmers.  A big thanks to the Hingna agriculture officers who took the initiative in bringing these officers to visit the Thangavel Date Plantation.

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IMG-20160626-WA0009.jpg (291307 bytes) Dates - A master solution to clear farmer's debts....

News article in Hitavada on 26th June 2016

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Agriculture officers from 13 taluka of Nagpur district visited our Thangavel Date Plantation. They were taken around the farm and shown the varieties of date fruits. Mr. Thangavel told the officers about how Date Plantation can be the future crop of Vidarbha.

Mr. Ranjit Deshmukh (Former Agriculture minister) visited Thangavel date farm. Mr. Thangavel showed him and his team around.


All India Radio came for an interview with Mr. Thangavel about date plantation. 

German students visited the date farm and were interested to see the new methods of farming

Mr Shivanker and Mr Borse, Deputy Directors of Agricultural Technology Management Agency, Nagpur along with the extension officer Miss Seema visited the Date farm specially to find out how much beneficial it would be for the Vidharba farmers. 

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Times of India , Nagpur, Dated : - July 30, 2014 Times of India , Nagpur, Dated : - Jan 01, 2015
ABP Maza 
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Felicitation of Mr. S. Thangavel 

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